Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Dozen Ways to Recharge

It's the 5th already of 2010. After today there are only 360 days left to reach your goals for the year. Less than that, when you consider the number of business days in the year.

If you are needing a kick in the pants, read this from Jill Konrath and watch a video over the next 12 days.

Inspiration for 2010: 12 Videos That Set the Right Tone for the Year Ahead

Posted: 01 Jan 2010 06:36 AM PST

I encourage you to take a look at these 12 inspirational, motivational and moving videos that were compiled by Ed Gandia on The Wealthy Freelancer.

I know at least ONE of them is just what you need to get yourself off to a great start in the upcoming year.

  • Letrero Entrepreneurs Can Change the World
  • It's not how good you are. It's how you communicate it.
  • Lemonade Movie Trailer
  • 212-The Extra Degree
  • Michael Jordan "Failure" Nike Commercial
  • Jimmy V on the ESPY Awards 1993
  • Sailor Surprises His Son
  • Susan_BoyleSusan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent 2009
  • Scene from the movie American Beauty
  • Elizabeth Gilbert: A new way to think about creativity
  • Dick & Rick Hoyt on commitment, perseverance & unconditional love
  • Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Some of these are my all-time favorites too. And some I've never seen. Take a look today if you have a chance.

They're INCREDIBLE! Just click here to be inspired!

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