Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday's News Tonight

Why post this now?

'Cause, if you didn't have time to read it earlier, now you have all night.

Clickable headlines from Mediapost:

InBev's Bud Deal Unlikely To Change Branding Tactics
by Karl Greenberg
[Beverages] "There's a lot of difference from the standpoint of price and image between Bud Light versus Stella and Beck's and Bass," says Benjamin Stein, editor of Beer Marketer's Insights, who adds that Budweiser and Bud Light are already the biggest brand globally by far. "InBev sees that a critical part of the deal is extending the Bud family's incredibly strong market position in the U.S. to other countries. - Read the whole story...

For Back-To-School, Family Values Make A Comeback
by Sarah Mahoney
[Retail] "'Shopping down' is going to continue to be the big trend, not just for back-to-school, but through the holiday season and into next year," says Tim Henderson, senior director and consumer strategist at Iconoculture, a Minneapolis-based trend-spotting firm. What's more, he says, the new frugality is a sentiment cutting a wide swath through American shoppers-not just those directly under pressure by the weaker economy. - Read the whole story...

Southern Comfort Follows Its Target Demographic Online
by Aaron Baar
[Spirits] Since 2005, the company has run the SoCo Music Experience mostly as a local promotion, taking out print ads in the local markets where concerts featuring national music acts such as The Roots, Common and The Flaming Lips, take place. But, says a company rep, "We think we've gotten the program to a place where we can leverage it online. We've grown it to a point where we can bring it to a more national audience." - Read the whole story...

AT&T To Back Beijing-Bound USA Basketball Team
by Karl Greenberg
[Telecom] The deal has AT&T giving its customers USA Basketball team content, news and the like via the Web and mobile video-on-demand content. AT&T will promote its products and services through USA Basketball-themed marketing materials. - Read the whole story...

Sharp Pulls Out The Stops For Solar Panel Campaign
by Laurie Sullivan
[Electronics] "When consumers go to their dealer for solar panels, we want them to think about the same Sharp Aquos TVs they have in their home," says Neal Lattner, senior marketing director for the Sharp marketing and communications group. - Read the whole story...

Jack In The Box Intros Cheesy Macaroni Bites

Kimpton, 'Cooking Light' In Joint Promo

Coty Partners With Opera Legend To Unleash Fragrance

CVS, Kodak Ink Deal For Photo Books, DVDs

Mountaineer Signs On With Eddie Bauer

New Era To Uncap DC Comics Collection

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