Wednesday, February 06, 2008

2007 Internet Review

All year long we hear about the growth of the internet and wonder, what does it have to do with me and my life/business/retirement/future/love life/etc.... I don't have the answer to that big question. But I do have some numbers for you to look at:

It's A Wrap: The Internet Year 2007

comScore, in a recently released report, The 2007 U.S. Internet Year in Review highlighting the major trends in U.S. Internet activity, finds that that top gaining properties and site categories featured some of the top Internet brands, including Google, Facebook, Wikipedia and Craigslist.

  • Social networking giant reaped the benefits of opening registration to all users, jumping 81 percent versus December 2006 to 34.7 million visitors in December 2007
  • Wikipedia Sites gained 34 percent to reach nearly 52 million visitors, continuing its reign as the Web's most popular reference hub
  • jumped 74 percent to 24.5 million visitors
  • AT&T grew 27 percent to 30.2 million visitors boosted by its exclusive deal with Apple as carrier for the iPhone
  • Yellow Book Network jumped 137-percent to 10.4 million visitors

Several of the top-gaining properties were driven by the acquisition of Web entities including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Everyday Health gained 349 percent driven by its acquisition of and other sites
  • Women's category leader, Glam Media, grew 213 percent during the year, due in large part to the addition of several new entities, including Quality Health Network,, and, among others
  • Yellow Book Network grew 137-percent to 10.4 million visitors, as visitation to sites tripled (up 207 percent to 4.6 million visitors)
  • The Women's Network, gained 27 percent with the addition of Sugar Publishing,, and, among others.
  • Demand Media added numerous entities under its Demand Media Knowledge and Demand Media Games media titles, which contributed to its 149-percent growth
  • OfficeMax's 199-percent gain was driven primarily by a December 2007 surge in visitation to its popular viral holiday greetings site

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