Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Sales Presentation Checklist

Great sales presentations begin well before the actual presentation is delivered. Preparation is critical and it shows your attendees (prospects and customers) that you value their time (and yours).

To maximize effectiveness, ensure your presentation:

1. Focuses on the benefits of your offering as they relate to solving the specific problems of the prospect.

2. Begins with the most important benefits and continues in descending order of importance, including only pertinent benefits.

3. Has no unneeded statements (zero fluff; ask yourself, "does it really matter?")

4. Includes a very brief company background discussion only if it adds credibility to the product or service, or if it's anticipated that the audience would like it addressed.

5. Includes appropriate, customized and easy-to-understand illustrations where applicable.

6. Includes opportunities for prospects to engage.

7. Includes a powerful conclusion which clearly illustrates the benefits your prospect will receive as a result of buying your solution now.

8. Is 10% shorter in terms of time than would be expected for a presentation which discusses a solution of its relative complexity.

Source: justsell.com (2006)

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