Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just what do women want?

From my email came the following today:

Volume 1 Issue 12
December 19, 2007

Fold-down rear seats, for storage, are the #1 feature women (62%) want in a car, according to Roadside assistance, thought to be a major selling point, is cited by fewer than half of one percent.


Diamonds are still a girl's best friend: 96% of women expect a diamond when they get engaged, with 5% of diamonds purchased over the Internet, reports Fortune.


Older heterosexual couples are the fastest growing segment of the living-together population in the U.S., says the Center For Family & Demographic Research at Bowling Green State University.


Women aged 26-59 (67%) are most likely to participate in retail loyalty programs, but only 14% feel their membership in such programs earns them preferential treatment, according to Colloquy, a loyalty marketing consulting organization.


62% of women say they watch sports most often on TV, compared to 42% who cite soap operas, says BIGresearch.

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