Thursday, February 22, 2007

Changes, and Adapting

Due to changes in my responsibilities, I stepped down from my position as Education Coordinator of the B.N.I. that I have been a member of for the past 3 years. What Changes? Well, as the station manager of a radio station whose primary focus is on Business and Baby Boomer's, my focus needed to change to a larger business scope and become involved in a larger center of influence.

In particular, The Chamber of Commerce which has monthly morning meetings at the same time as my weekly B.N.I. meetings. We currently have a weekly radio program that is hosted by Phil Laux, the President of the Chamber that is extremely popular and I also initiated a relationship with the Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly newspaper to provide us with daily business news updates.

As I look at where I am focusing my energies, I will continue to evaluate and adjust. I also learned a few lessons in the past couple of years in relation to involvement in a Networking Group.

1. Look for ways to give. Be patient. This is a relationship building process.
2. Make friends. In the past 12 months, the biggest return on my investment of time, energy and $ with my B.N.I. group was the ability to go to my fellow members and use their services and expertise.
3. Stay open and positive. After today's meetings one of the other members asked if I was available to substitute for her next week. Which I am able to do this time!

So, what about you and your associations? Have you adapted to changes in your life? Or are you still hanging out with your old friends from school, re-living the past. There's a way to stay in touch with and maintain old relationships and forge new ones at the same time. Take the time though to focus and contemplate before you jump.

One last item. This week a Doctor client of mine called me up and asked me for a referral for someone to handle some of her tax and business matters. This was due to trust, relationships and the right attitude. All of which takes time.

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