Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Do you want to be a salesman or help people buy?

Let's face it, there are lots of jokes about salespeople, most not very nice. Car salespeople are at the bottom of a survey done a couple years ago.

Here's Gallup's list, starting with the professions rated "very high" or "high" on honesty and ethical standards:

1. Nurses (79 percent)
2. Druggists, pharmacists (72 percent)
3. Military officers (72 percent)
4. Medical doctors (67 percent)
5. Police officers (60 percent)
6. Clergy (56 percent)
7. Judges (53 percent)
8. Day care providers (49 percent)
9. Bankers (36 percent)
10. Auto mechanics (26 percent)
11. Local officeholders (26 percent)
12. Nursing home operators (24 percent)
13. State officeholders (24 percent)
14. TV reporters (23 percent)
15. Newspaper reporters (21 percent)
16. Business executives (20 percent)
17. Lawyers (18 percent)
18. Congressmen (10 percent)
19. Advertising practitioners (10 percent)
20. Car salesmen (9 percent)

Yet, people buy cars every day. Even if they don't want to be "sold", they do want to "buy". Here is a link to an 18 minute podcast from another guy named Scott that echo's what I believe about marketing relationships. Give it a listen. Subscribe to his free stuff too. The episode is number 10: Are Marketing & Dating the Same Thing?

A few comparisons between marketing and dating prove that they're the same exact thing.

Oh, and yes I noticed that my profession ranks at number 19. I'm trying to change that, 1 at a time.

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Scott Howard

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1 comment:

JR - A Green Eyed Gurl.... said...

Well gee, it just feels great to be one rung above a car salesman.... Eh, well, I still like my job, I like helping people and showing them the best way to use their advertising dollar, and sometimes, quite honestly, it may not be the form of media I am selling. We shall keep plugging away and move up the ladder...