Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Marketing is Like Marriage: You Have to Work at it Constantly

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Marketing is Like Marriage: You Have to Work at it Constantly

The other day, a potential client asked if he could pay me based on the sales results he got from each media placement. I told him that P.R. doesn’t work that way. While sometimes a placement can result in sales immediately, it generally takes several exposures to achieve the maximum growth effect on a business.

Because I have been asked this question before, I realized it would be an important topic for the newsletter -- namely, the fundamental propositions for marketing, which includes P.R., direct marketing, advertising, and more.

Having worked in my own business and held corporate positions in every area of marketing, as well as having a business degree and an M.B.A., the basics of marketing have not only been drilled into me, but also used on a daily basis.

Here are some of the principles of marketing:

  1. Marketing tactics are not a one-shot deal; they must be done over and over. Studies have shown it can take many exposures of the same ad, direct mail piece or P.R. placement before a potential client will take action.
  2. An offer, with a reason to respond now, should be in every marketing piece, including ads and direct mail, and even including P.R. stories (example: during your P.R. interview, mention that clients can find an important free report with additional information on your Website).
  3. Your target market and previous clients will help determine to whom and in what type of media you should focus your efforts.
  4. The easiest kind of client to get is one who has been referred. And, since most referrals come from satisfied clients, be sure to treat those clients well, and be in contact with them often -- or they will forget you, no matter how great you are.

Using these basic principles will help you stay focused on one of the most important aspects of your business … marketing.

Copyright 2006 Margie Fisher

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