Friday, May 09, 2008

Marketing Quickies

Some headlines from Mediapost for you to check out, once you've got the rest of your work done this week:

Nintendo's Wii Fit Campaign Is Targeted To Women
by Laurie Sullivan
[Technology] Advertising efforts, including TV and print ads, begin within the next two weeks. A flip-card type ad will line subway walls in Manhattan to give the illusion of movement for about two or three minutes as trains whiz by. Ad wraps on taxi cabs and buses are set to appear in the Big Apple, too. - Read the whole story...

Aiming For More PR, Land Rover Tweaks Annual Challenge
by Karl Greenberg
[Automotive] "We have two forms of communications, and one of them is 3D, which is the experiential side of the brand. And it's especially important for Land Rover," says the company's Finbar McFall. "Nothing sells these cars more than people driving them and showing off their capabilities. The spirit of adventure is at the hub of what we do, and this is the best way of showing off the adventure, and this is the best way." - Read the whole story...

Nike, Finish Line To Open Concept Store For Serious Runners
by Kevin Ransom
[Retail] Upfront will be Nike+, a computer chip in the shoe that tracks information from the athlete's training run, like mileage, calories burned, etc.--"and then they can take it home and sync it up to the Web, and check the results--and which also allows them to be part of a whole social community of runners. We think of it as a digital motivational tool," says Nike USA's Craig Cheek. - Read the whole story...

Trends Point The Way To Goji Berries, Gluten-Free Comestibles
by Karl Greenberg
[Food] The Center for Culinary Development says the group expects future trends to include mood foods, foods that offer satiety via artificial fillers. Among the ethnic-foods, Vietnamese food, Moroccan and generally North African food will grow in popularity, says Nielsen. - Read the whole story...

Brooke Shields' Family Stars In Royal Velvet Ads
by Nina M. Lentini
[Packaged Goods] The campaign, which will coincide with the launch of the brand at Bed, Bath & Beyond, will debut next month in shelter, lifestyle and bridal magazines. The theme of the campaign is "Royal Moments," with the ads showing Shields, her husband, Chris Henchy and daughters, Rowan and Grier, sharing "simple, warm and relatable family moments," Iconix Brand Group says. It is the first endorsement deal for the family. - Read the whole story...

Discover: Consumers Not Planning To Go Shopping With Checks
by Aaron Baar
[Research] According to the company's monthly "U.S. Spending Monitor Survey," nearly two-thirds (62%) of American consumers expecting to get a refund or stimulus check expect to spend the money on household expenses or debt repayment. In addition, 18% said they would put the money in savings or investment, while only 20% said they would use the money for discretionary purchases. - Read the whole story...

McDonald's, Ford, Others Sign On To TBA's Online Programming
by Gavin O'Malley
[Strategy] "Our role [for Ford]was to inform and educate young adults on the real benefits on how Sync can impact your life," says TBA DEEP's Brian Murphy. With a "seven figure budget," TBA created an original seb series featuring two young women traveling cross-country with the help of a Sync-supported Ford. The series has since been picked up by MySpace TV. - Read the whole story...

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