Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marketing Pain Part 5

From Chuck McKay:

Marketing P.A.I.N. - Part 5, Testimonials and Comparisons

Most models of effective advertising list getting attention as the first step.

Doesn't it stand to reason that your communications will become powerful when your prospect recognizes that you're talking to her?

That's the purpose of the Marketing P.A.I.N. Concept - to identify the discomfort your prospective customer is already feeling; to address that pain, and in so doing put forth an advertising message that she will recognize as relevant to her.

Targeting the early stages of pain will help prospects know of you weeks, months, or even years before they recognize a need for what you sell. The largest number of people will be exposed to your message. This is the concept behind Top-Of-Mind-Awareness and building your “brand.”


Chuck McKay is a marketing consultant who works with professional practices and owner operated businesses. Questions about focusing your advertising message to your customer's pain may be directed to ChuckMcKay@ChuckMcKayOnLine.com.

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