Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sales Manager Tips

I've been in management and I've been on the other end too.

Usually I really hated having my boss ride along with me, unless I needed him/her for a specific reason:

Here's why (from

Managing the Sales Call

As a sales manager, there's no better way of coaching than joint sales calls in the field with your sales personnel. However, the big mistake many sales managers make on a joint call is that when the salesperson gets in trouble, the manager takes over the call. This is the worst thing that can happen.

The salesperson learns nothing and many times resents the manager for interfering. In making field sales calls, take the time to properly plan the call. If it is to be a joint presentation with the manager and the salesperson, then plan out what parts of the sales procedure each will cover.

If the objective on the sales call is for the manager to observe the salesperson in a selling situation, then it should be clarified before the call.

The salesperson is to handle the call and accomplish the objective. What typically happens, however, is that the prospect or customer will direct his/her question to the manager instead of the salesperson. When that occurs, the manager should just look to the salesperson to answer the question. Otherwise the manager ends up taking over the call and therefore learns nothing about the salesperson's selling abilities.

Source: Sales consultant/trainer Roy Chitwood

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